How to Use a Laser Rangefinder

People believe that as laser rangefinder needs to be held steady it might be difficult to use. But it just requires a little practice for most golfers to get pretty good at using it right after they try first few rounds. So, in this article, we are going to share the best tips to use a laser rangefinder.Tips For Using a Laser Rangefinder

Best Tips for Using a Laser Rangefinder

  1. Search on YouTube for videos on “how to use a laser rangefinder” which have maximum views or made by the manufacturer. Watching a good video is more fruitful than any kind of instructions.
  2. After watching videos move on to the instructions provided by the manufacturers in their websites for further information not covered in the videos. Observe the picture information on the display and then try for the first aim at a big target usually 20-30 yards and try to understand what is shown on them.
  3. Three biggest manufacturers of golf rangefinders use some terms to figure out distance to the flag versus things behind it. Those terms are Pinseeker, PinHunter and First Target Priority Mode. These technologies tremendously help golfers who lack steadiness with their hands when using a laser.

Tips For Using a Laser RangefinderTo use these techniques, first aim a rangefinder at the ground and press the ranging button quickly. Then aim at the target from a reticle showed on the display and push the button. This eliminates the possibility of hitting hills or bunker that may come on the way of the target and thus reduces the chance of making error. Different golf rangefinders have different features which makes it important for you to learn about the different available models available before you make a buying decision. The benefits of a laser rangefinder are many if you choose the right one.

  1. Time by time use large targets of 50-100 yards to practice. It should not take long to acquire distances to big targets. Re-read the instructions if any trouble arises with these steps. In further trouble, try to find the rangefinders’ defects (whether it has any) by letting someone else try it too.
  2. Choose driving range having some flags on it and practice shooting the flags starting with the closest one. Most driving range flags are positioned with some distance indications that help a golfer to verify his/her performance.
  3. Initially it will not be easy initially but with lithe practice a golfer could get solid and steady readings. At the very first round determine yardages whether from yardage markers on the course or from a GPS device. If sufficient time is in hand then use the rangefinder to give it a try.
  4. Always try to make sure that the distance matches with the information of the location. Using a laser gives more accurate result than GPS. A laser doesn’t need to be charged frequently so it can be carried all the time. A widely used laser rangefinder, on every golf course, provides distance to any target that can be seen.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is these above tips will enhance your skills at using a laser rangefinder. So, if you have liked them, then put your comment in the box below.